Elevate your marketing initiatives with ProPlus Data's 3 Touch MQL Solution. Streamline your approach, maximize engagement, and achieve measurable success in converting leads to potential buyers.
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What ProPlus Data Offers In MQL

Unlock Your Marketing Spend Potential with 3 Touch MQL Solutions

Targeted Lead Adoption

Targeted Lead Adoption

Tap into a curated list of potential leads eager to discover your products/services. We deliver the perfect audience for your pitch!

Key KPI Indicators for Insightful Analytics

Key KPI Indicators for Insightful Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with our Key KPI Indicators. We provide detailed analytics on all the engagements and buying behaviour of a MQL.

Strategic 3-Touch Campaigns

Strategic 3-Touch Campaigns

Elevate your outreach with our 3-touch campaigns. We streamline multiple assets directly to your audience, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience.

A/B Testing for Enhanced Campaign Performance

A/B Testing for Enhanced Campaign Performance

Our A/B testing methodology allows you to experiment by Crafting varied email versions, adjusting titles, content, and action prompts to supercharge your campaign performance! Tailor your message for maximum impact and engagement.

How MQL Will Benefit You

Zero down your target leads that are genuinely interested in your offerings.

Engage with leads already expressing interest; to increase conversion rates.

Allocate resources wisely by concentrating on qualified prospects, that are in the buying journey

Strengthen your communication with tailor made content and strategy

Voice Verified Leads

Unlock Success with Voice-Verified Leads! Enhance your prospecting prowess with our meticulous lead verification, ensuring you target those poised for conversion. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision in your outreach strategy!

voice verified leads

How Voice Verified Leads Will Help You

Communicate with leads that are genuinely interested in your products and services.

Maximize ROI by connecting with the right audience.

Personalize & Warm the leads before sales engagement.