What We Offer In NTP

Technographic data

Explore the past, present, and future of technologies through Technographics data, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your adopters' tech landscape.

NTP solution

Our NTP solution provides a curated list of accounts that are in-market for adoption of new technologies.

How NTP Will Benefit You

Proactive Approach

NTP enables a proactive stance in the market, by positioning your businesses as industry leaders.

Propensity Filtering

Identify high-potential accounts with a strong likelihood of tech adoption, guiding you towards the NTP. Anticipate market trends and stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our predictive insights, ensuring you're always ready for the future.


Optimize technology adoption for maximum ROI, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Seamless Technological Transition

NTP epitomizes a meticulous pursuit of seamlessly substituting or discovering alternative solutions within the technological realm.